Adam Michel

Mad Scientist and Developer Extraordinaire

Fresh Look and New Toys

So at some point in the past couple years I created a blog and said I would start writing more. Well, funny story about that, I never did. If you look below this post you will even see that original post. From November of 2011. In all of its ancient glory. That's going to change.

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A New Beginning

So here we are, finally after spending many months (read: years) debating how I want to go about this (trying to find the right platform and format), I have taken the plunge into the blogging arena. I finally settled on using Octopress and publishing to GitHub Pages. I debated using Wordpress but wanted something I could easily make changes to and manipulate. Wordpress certainly has a massive list of plugins, but I like writing code so why let others have all the fun? Then I came across a phrase I had never heard of "blogging like a hacker", this sounded cool. Writing a blog on my own terms and being in control of every aspect, while still avoiding writing tons of code to publish a simple post.

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